Jackson Family Recipes There are no measurements here; part of the charm of these recipes is that they have been shared from generation to generation, meaning nothing is written down. “They’re all in here,” Jackson says as he points to his head.

August 28, 2015


Take four or five Golden Delicious or Cortland apples and two Granny Smith apples. “The Granny Smith apples are key to cutting the sweetness and adding a bit of tartness,” says Jackson. Peel and chop the apples, removing the seeds. Put the chopped apples in a pan with enough water to cover the apples. Boil on high until bubbling. Reduce temperature and simmer. Once the apples have reached a thick consistency, throw in a pinch or two of cinnamon. Turn off the heat, let cool for a few minutes, then enjoy. According to Jackson, there’s no need to add additional sugar.

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