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Be Your Own Butcher

By Brett Barest | December 28, 2015
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How could the average Joe or Joanne benefit from a class on butchering a whole hog or cow? Admittedly, there is a primal element at play that makes this an attractive exercise for the voracious carnivore but, practically speaking, what does one take away from the experience? Unless you are considering a career in farming, butchering, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, surely this information is for entertainment purposes only.

Not so fast Modern Americans, says Greenbrier Farms’ Roddy Pick.

On January 16 and February 20 Greenbrier Farms will host whole hog and cow butchering classes that will benefit attendees in more ways than you might think. From seeing how your local meat is processed, to understanding the differences in the cuts and how to use them, to changing your shopping habits going forward, these classes aim to completely alter your approach to consuming local beef and pork.

Roddy points out that the American consumer is trained to seek out the popular, recognizable, and premium cuts of meat. This differs from the vast majority of the rest of the planet where the emphasis is placed on using everything that is consumable. It is by our own doing, then, that delicious cuts of meat are often overlooked or ignored while prices on the popular cuts are driven further upward.

“People think pig and they want to buy pork chops,” he says. “That’s the last part of the pig that I want to eat. There’s no flavor compared to the rest of the animal.”

Roddy’s hope is that classes like these can change consumer’s perception of what parts of an animal they are eating and why. In turn, they can add variety to their home menus and save a ton of money. “People don’t realize they can buy large cuts of meat, portion it themselves at home, and fill their freezers with enough food to last a long time.”

Greenbrier Farms’ whole hog and cow butchering workshops will arm participants with the knowledge they need to be more cost effective and efficient at home but they come with an added perk—meat for their own freezers. The classes will use full market weight hogs and cattle from the farm and at the end of the day the cuts will be divided amongst the participants to take home for their own use. Steaks, roasts, ribs and everything else usable from nose to tail will be prepared in the most efficient use possible of locally raised meat. The classes will also look at processing and cooking techniques to help students explore the value add side of their broken down product.

The Whole Hog Butchering Class takes place on January 16 and is only $105. The cow edition will follow on February 20 at a cost of $240 per person. In addition to the knowledge gained and the take home rewards, both classes will include a farm to table lunch prepared by Greenbrier Farms, which is always a treat in and of itself.

January 16 & February 20
Greenbrier Farms
766 Hester Store Rd., Easley
Information and reservations at

January 7-16

The annual celebration of the Upstate’s culinary community is back and better than ever. The 2016 Greenville Restaurant Week will feature more participating restaurants, new lunch options and more ways to earn prizes. Participants can enjoy special menu items, promotions and discounts at some their old favorites and restaurants they are experiencing for the first time. Visit for more information

January 16

Kids will love this hands on experience at the Spartanburg Science Center. This free class will open their eyes to the life that is thriving right under their noses in their own backyard. Visit for more information.

January 24

Join us at M. Judson Books as we host a collaboration of great food and drink. Travelers Rest’s Restaurant 17 will prepare a delicious meal to be paired with the craft beer offerings of Greenville’s Quest Brewing Company. Kick off the new year in style with a beer dinner you will not soon forget. Visit for details and reservations.

February 14

If Hallmark-culture is going to force couples out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you might as well do it in style. An Upcountry Love Story is a great farm to table experience using local meat and produce from farms across the Upstate and paired with local craft beer and wine. Visit for more details on date night done right.


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The kitchen at Greenbrier Farms
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